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For the OFFICIAL RULE BOOK in PDF format, please go to the following site to download:



The Recert Tests for both the Scorers and Referees are now Posted Online!

Go to the Officials Tab at www.chrva.org, or


Click on this link to reach the online scorer’s recert test:



Click on this link to reach the online referee’s recert test:


For Referees

                    Task                                                                      New Ref                Recert Ref

1.  Be a current member                                                            Y                              Y

2.  attend a Junior Referee Official’s Clinic                             Y                              N

3.  watch the on-line clinic only                                                  N                              Y

4.  Take and correct to 100% Form "C" written test               Y                              Y

5. complete the Junior Scorekeeper certification                   Y                              Y

6.  TWO passing ratings as R1                                                 Y                              N

7. ONE passing ratings as R1                                                  N                              Y


Initial test due no later than 1/15 and corrections by 1/30


For Scorekeepers


              Task                                                               New             Recert

1.Be a current member                                               Y                    Y

2. Attend a Junior Scorekeeper Clinic.                     Y                    N

3.TakeUSA Volleyball "Junior" written                      Y                    N

4.Complete and submit  two evaluations                  Y                    Y


Blocking Drills

Educational Article
"Making of a Middle: Challenge Training For Middle Blockers"

AVCA Convention Seminar
"Blocking Footwork Techniques Used by Players of Different Gender and Level" - Roberto Lobietti

AVCA Webinar
"Blocking: Why and How to Teach Swing Blocking to Your Team" - Gwen Egbert

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